What Is The Positive? ….

…is the website designed to suggest for people a new outlook on life, problems, or issues with which they are dealing. 

We have qualified professionals in various fields who are happy to contribute their ideas regarding how to improve any circumstance. 

What Is The Positive? administrators and commentators make no guarantees regarding whether the advice anyone receives from this site will be helpful.  Life is really about the individual and his or her thoughts and actions. Our intentions are only to add a little bit of encoragement to those in need, and suggest some possible solutions when we can.

All of us are proponents and followers of …

The Law Of Attraction.  Everything that we address in our posts is focused upon with that perspective in mind.  In this, we are all of various nationalities and backgrounds.  We do not discriminate in any way other than to make an effort to define positive and negative ideas and vibrations, and suggest a turn from the negative, and a dedicated adoption of the positive, which we believe changes life for the good of all.

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